5520 Rock Quarry Road  



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Located at

5520 Rock Quarry Road

 On The Southern Side of Rock Quarry Road

Approximately 1 mile east of I-40

The City Limits Of The Town Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina



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Location:                    On the southern side of Rock Quarry Rd about one mile south of
Jones Sausage Rd.  Reference is made to Exhibit "A" for a map
                                    showing the approximate location of the Property.

 Land Area:                 3.93 acres

 Topography:               The Property is above grade level along the Rock Quarry Road with a 
                                     gentle drop off at the rear of the site.  Reference is made to Exhibit D.

 Frontage:                    158' of frontage along Rock Quarry Road

 Area:                          This location is in the St. Mary's Township in southeastern Raleigh.  
Other developments in area include Southridge Marketplace, and
                                   Shoppes at
Battle Bridge.  Both are retail strip malls along Rock Quarry
.  In addition to this retail development, there is extensive
                                   residential development in the immediate area. 

 Zoning:                        R-4.  This residential zoning by the City of Raleigh allows for up to four
                                     homes per acres.  However, although the property is currently zoned
                                     R-4 by the City of
Raleigh, it is anticipated that the highest and best use
                                     of the property might involve rezoning the property to accommodate
                                     commercial uses. 

 Utilities:                      The property is serviced by all major utilities including City water and
                                     sewer, natural gas, and electricity.

 Improvements:           There is a one story brick ranch on the property that was once a                                      residence.  Most recently, it has been used for assisted housing                                      through the church that owns the site.  It is anticipated that the                                      structure will be razed to make way for new development.

 Tax Reference Map: Wake County Book of Maps 11783 Page2202.  Subject Property is
                                     further identified by Wake County Geographic Services as
                                     1732019075, REID# 6228.

 Tax Value:                  $213,666

 Terms:                        The owner is willing to accept this price subject to closing
                                    considerations.  Contact listing agent for details.

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